9Apps My Telenor

9Apps My Telenor


My Telenor App constructs your life to be a comfortable, thrilling and struggle free one with just one tap on it. In addition to that, with My Telenor App you fully obtain various absolute supply of reduction sales on the goods present in them, and thus you can remain up to date with your existing MBs, Minutes and Messages at all times. Therefore, to obtain the access of activation offers and digital services with a gentle tap, you need to attain the instant download of this app straight on your Android device from the most freely accessible app store the 9Apps. Moreover, My Telenor is with you at any place, any period of time. And thus, you can comfortably maintain the lane of your present data usage and grab the activation of the facilities that you require the most. Subsequently, with My Telenor App you can graze instantly all listed in one place supplying brief note about your plan and monthly contributions allotted.

Not only that, through the acceleration of this app, you can track all the relevant information about your smartphone facilities that you are operating with like rent, borrowing, upgrade and insurance, all jotted under one catalogue such as My Plan” with two tabs like My Plan and Device and so on. In general, My Telenor is a one stop destination to all your Telenor mobile number connected in order to meet your necessary requirements. On the other hand, with this app, you can obtain the access of controlling your account effortlessly with a gentle tap on it. In brief, this app is triggered with various autonomous features in it which are listed below, have a look at them.


Inspiring Features of My Telenor:

1.      With My Telenor app you can acquire the necessary details about your plans and monthly payments all figured at one place

2.      Through this app you can give prior attention to the usage of the pin to be selected on your home screen

3.      Inclusion of Plug-in with mobile internet is facilitated in this app

4.      Trace your latest bill and the saved usage with the operation of this app

5.      Obtain the access of roaming facility provided by Telenor app

6.      Through the usage of Telenor app, you have complete access to all your texts opted in it

7.      Stay up to date with the relevant information about your devices that you are operating on.

8.      With My Telenor App, you can obtain the download of the used notes in a pdf format

9.      Through the utilization of My Telenor you can conveniently pay the bills online instantly without delay

10.  Obtain the access of recharging a prepaid number with this app

11.  Scrutinize more about latest offers from Telenor.



All in all, My Telenor is one of the most widely accessed unique apps wrapped with excellent offers in it. Therefore, to get the utilization of My Telenor on your device, creep into the app store of 9Apps and obtain all of its extreme benefits listed above.

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